Maidstone Tree Surgeons

Maidstone is the county town of Kent, situated just 32 miles (51 km) south-east of London. The River Medway runs through the centre of the town, linking it with Rochester and the Thames Estuary. Historically, the river was a source and route for much of the town’s trade.

With a population of 115,000, Maidstone is not the largest town but is filled with luscious trees, greenery and shrubs. Tree Surgeons in Maidstone are often on call to turn unwieldy trees back into things of beauty!


There are numerous Tree Surgeons across the county of Kent, specifically working in Maidstone in both residential and commercial areas. Maidstone Tree Surgeons are experts in felling, trimming, and preserving trees across the county town, from private gardens to public parks. If you have a tree that needs attention, don’t worry, there are an abundance of Tree Surgeons in Maidstone!

Tree Services

Whether residential or commercial, aesthetic or practical, there are a range of services that Tree Surgeons across Maidstone can provide.

Crown Lift

Removal of lower branches to allow for increased sunlight and improvement to accessible areas.


Reducing the overall size of a tree by trimming into a more suitable shape, providing increased sunlight.


Removal of specific branches to thin out the tree without impacting on the overall size and shape.


Complete removal of a tree down to ground level, for trees that are dead, dying or dangerous.


Removal of a substantial amount of the crown, providing long lasting tree maintenance without removing the tree completely.


Removing small amounts of the crown, to provide a more aesthetic and balanced tree appearance, also preventing branches from obstructing property.


Large and small scale tree planting in order to replace an unsuitable tree, to offer more privacy or as a long lasting memorial to a loved one.


The taking out and the disposal of the tree stump, either for aesthetic reasons or to remove fungi and wood parasites from the area.

Find a Tree Surgeon in Maidstone

A list of local Maidstone Tree Surgeons are below:

Maidstone Facts:

  • The last person to be publicly executed on Penenden Heath was John Dyke, from Bearsted, who was hanged on Christmas Eve 1830 for arson after setting light a hay bale.
  • One of Maidstone’s most famous residents is a 3.5tonne, 13metre long dinosaur. Iggy the Iguanadon was discovered in a quarry in Queen’s Road in 1834. A cast of the 125-million-year-old herbivore is now on display at Maidstone Museum..
  • The leader of the Dambusters raid Guy Gibson, who was based at nearby West Malling, became a Tovil Venture Scout in 1943. Mr Gibson was a war hero and took the oath at the group’s headquarters, then next to Reeds Paper Mill, while on a tour of the town just 34 days after the famous raid.